You have limited time

You can't be everywhere. You have a campaign to run.

You need to limit the spending that does not lead to votes and to victory.
You're not super human

You need vendors who can deliver on time, all the time.

You need vendors who deliver a great product or service - at the lowest cost.
Why should you pay too much in credit card fees?

You shouldn't - but political campaigns usually get charged fees at or toward the high end.

So work with people who have run campaigns and found the high-service, low cost solution:
You're too busy to spend a lot of time here. You need quick, reliable answers. Incom Direct works with people who have run campaigns, people who have been gouged by vendors, folks who know from hard knocks that campaigns are vulnerable to time pressures and overpaying.

You can save money and headaches by visiting their site and seeing the solution that they stand behind for non-profits, PACs, political campaigns of all types, charities, trade and professional groups and organizations that fall near the bottom of the typical banker's list.

We understand your world.
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So why is your credit card processing in the dark ages?

Your campaign has gone digital.
We understand your world.
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